Welcome to TOBIAS MENZIES ONLINE @ tobiasmenzies.org a website dedicated to Emmy Award Winning British actor Tobias Menzies. Perhaps best known for his roles as Edmure Tully in GAME OF THRONES and as Marcus Junius Brutus in HBO's ROME, Tobias came to the fore in a very notable way with his stunning portrayal of the dual characters of Frank Randall and his forefather the notorious Captain Jonathan Wolverton "Black Jack" Randall in the STARZ series OUTLANDER. Currently being seen as Prince Philip in THE CROWN, Tobias is making his mark on the world. Tobias' films include UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS, CASINO ROYALE, UNA, FORGET ME NOT, ATONEMENT, and FINDING NEVERLAND. Feel free to browse the site and to make this your premiere source for news on Tobias' career. This site as a strict NO CANDIDS policy.
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“The Terror” To Get Home Media Release

Tobias’ series THE TERROR is getting the full court release on home media. According to Horror Cult Films, it is scheduled to be released on 03 May, 2021 on Acorn Media. In all actuality I thought it was already available through Amazon. There’s no word as to whether there will be any extras, but I’ll keep an eye out for that and box art.

Critically-Acclaimed Horror Drama Series THE TERROR To Receive Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Release

Critically-acclaimed horror television series THE TERROR is set to receive Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital release later on this Spring.

Exec-produced by Ridley Scott, horror-period-drama The Terror features a fantastic line-up of British acting greats including BAFTA® winner Jared Harris (Chernobyl, The Crown) and Golden Globe® nominee Tobias Menzies (The Crown, Game of Thrones), as the crew of a real life Royal Naval expedition in 1847 that ventures deep into the Arctic.

Based on Dan Simmons’ best-selling novel, the 10-part series has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93%, and has been lauded as ‘A fascinating step forward for the survival-horror genre…genius’ (The Atlantic).

1847, the crew of a real life Royal Naval expedition led by three captains, Sir John Franklin (Ciaran Hinds – Game of Thrones, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Francis Crozier (Harris) and James Fitzjames (Menzies), is sent to find the Arctic’s fabled treacherous Northwest Passage, but instead discovers a monstrous polar bear-like predator, a cunning and vicious Gothic horror that stalks the ships in a desperate game of survival.

However, it soon becomes clear that that’s just the beginning of their troubles. As things worsen and civilised behaviour disintegrates in favour of survival at any cost, the crew must simultaneously battle the elements, the supernatural and eventually – themselves. The captains make contact with a mute Inuit woman, Lady Silence (Nive Nielsen – The New World, Togo), who lives as an outcast from her tribe but still follows their old religion…can they trust her to help them, or will she only add to The Terror?

Following its run on BBC Two, this gripping thrille


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“The Terror” – E1X10 We Are Gone HD Screencaps

Tobias only got a credit for the final episode of THE TERROR. I thought I’d include the opening titles for this post to close out Tobias’ work on the show. The inner historian in my was a bit sad not to see the actual event depicted more as a true telling like the A&E biopic Shackleton starring Sir Kenneth Branagh, but given the high production values and the cast I think I’ll give it a pass on the inclusion of the Tuunbaq. This is what happens when good money is thrown at a production like that of Sir Ridley Scott’s Scott Free and a good story is turned into good drama such as this show. Of course the casting of Jared Harris (Captain Frances Crozier), Ciaran Hinds (Sir John Franlin) and the other actors like the standout Adam Nagaitis who played Cornelius Hickey, Paul Ready (Henry Goodsir), and Nive Nielsen (Lady Silence). The whole production was incredible with the complete recreation of both the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus. Just amazing. Unless something else comes up to add to the gallery section this is the end of this section on THE TERROR.

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“The Terror” – E1X09 The C, The C, Open The C HD Screencaps

Alas poor Horatio, we knew him well. And now Tobias’ time on THE TERROR comes to a close. Suffering from scurvy and lead poisoning, Captain James Fitzjames of the HMS Erebus looses his fight for life. Tobias killed this show. His performance was spot on and I loved it to pieces. Thank you Tobias for giving us such an amazing performance. So we lay James to rest….but not peacefully. In the next episode Cornelius Hickey (Adam Nagaitis) has him dug up and eaten with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Yes, I just said that.

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“The Terror” – 1X08 Terror Camp Clear HD Screencaps

This episode was particularly hard to cap up. Most of the action takes place at night like the attack of the Tuunbaq, so my apologies for the quality not being good though we can still see Tobias. That’s a plus.

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“The Terror” – E1X06 A Mercy HD Screencaps

So finally back to uploading screencaps. I wanted to get Tobias’ work on THE TERROR completed as I’ve hit a huge snag in my fansite for Sam Heughan so I thought while ti ponder why that is, I’d get back to Tobias. Here are the screencaps for episode six A Mercy. I have the rest of his episodes done and they will follow after this. Enjoy.

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“The Terror” – E1X05 First Shot A Winner, Lads HD Screencaps

Second post today. Here are the HD screencaps for THE TERROR season one, episode five titled First Shot A Winner, Boys. Things are starting to get harried in the ice camp where the Tunbaq has invaded to knock off some of the crews of HMS Teror and HMS Erebus.


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“The Terror” – E1X04 Punished As A Boy HD Screencaps

Episode four of THE TERROR where Tobias stars as Captain James Fitzjames. There was a bit of an interesting turn here. The character of Cornelius Hickey played incredibly by Adam Nagaitis was Punished As A Boy when he kidnapped Lady Silence/Silna (Nive Nielsen) bringing her back to The Erebus against the orders of Captain Crozier (Jared Harris). The interesting part was that the character of Hickey was caned. I have to wonder if Tobias had any flashbacks to when Black Jack Randall scourged Jamie Fraser played by Sam Heughan in OUTLANDER. By the way, the title of the episode Punished As A Boy pertains to caning a naval soldier across the buttocks instead of the back. In effect like a naughty child.


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“The Terror” – E1X03 The Ladder HD Screencaps

Finally back to editing. Sorry for the delay but like I said in my twitter post about the issue regarding dark scenes in the episodes and my inability to see Tobias in them. Well I’ve been able to muddle through and am finally back to editing. So here’s episode three of THE TERROR. In this episode the expedition looses its namesake, Captain John Franklin played by Ciaran Hinds.