Welcome to TOBIAS MENZIES ONLINE @ tobiasmenzies.org a website dedicated to Emmy Award Winning British actor Tobias Menzies. Perhaps best known for his roles as Edmure Tully in GAME OF THRONES and as Marcus Junius Brutus in HBO's ROME, Tobias came to the fore in a very notable way with his stunning portrayal of the dual characters of Frank Randall and his forefather the notorious Captain Jonathan Wolverton "Black Jack" Randall in the STARZ series OUTLANDER. Currently being seen as Prince Philip in THE CROWN, Tobias is making his mark on the world. Tobias' films include UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS, CASINO ROYALE, UNA, FORGET ME NOT, ATONEMENT, and FINDING NEVERLAND. Feel free to browse the site and to make this your premiere source for news on Tobias' career. This site as a strict NO CANDIDS policy.
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Tobias Menzies 2023 Sundance Film Festival Omnibus

A long time no post. I know updates have been slim to none here. I’m in the process of outlining my first novel and that is taking a lot of my time. For your patience I have a bunch of images of Tobias attending the 2023 Sundance Film Festival a week ago. I hope you like them.

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Tobias Filming “Beth & Don” In New York City

A new batch of images for you. Here Tobias is filming with co-star Julia Louis Dreyfuss in Central Park in New York City. The film is called BETH AND DON. The reason I’m uploading these photos is because they were taken while Tobias was working. As per this site’s Candids Policy, I will be including images of Tobias while he is working and not in his private life. Enjoy.

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“Una” HD Screencaps

Tobias kept himself verra (Jamie Fraser reference) busy in 2016. While appearing in OUTLANDER as Black Jack Randall and Frank Randall, also doing double duty on season six of GAME OF THRONES as Edmure Tully, Tobias appeared in an arthouse film called UNA playing the part of Mark. The film starred Ben Mendelsohn and Rooney Mara and told the story of a young woman trying to find out if the man she had sexual relations with as a thirteen year old, remembered her and their experience. While the film is controversial, I feel it missed the boat in giving us a character piece where there are no bad guys, only complicated feelings and showing the human experience. Now before anyone jumps on me and says, “You do realize what Ray/Pete did to Una was rape don’t you?” I’m going to say this, I am a rape survivor. I was raped when I was thirteen, however, I also at fourteen had an affair with a man who was fifty-one. I know both sides, and this was not rape. Una was not shown as a victim of Ray’s. That he was going to bite the bullet and run off with her had a misunderstanding not interfered, I’m sure this film would have been an entirely different one altogether. While Ben Mendelsohn was great in this, I wonder what would have happened had Tobias played Ray/Pete? What type of vibe would he have brought to it. Oh and the film co-stars Tobias’ GAME OF THRONES alum Tara Fitzgerald who played Selyse Baratheon, the wife of Stannis (Stephen Dillane). And funny still Ben Mendelsohn also appeared opposite Riz Ahmed who played Scott, also were Rogue One together as Orson Krennic and Bodhi Rook respectively. Six degrees folks.


Trailer for “Carmilla” Atmospheric

Some more information on CARMILLA.

Atmospheric first trailer released for Carmilla

Republic Film Distribution has dropped an atmospheric new trailer for the coming-of-age love story ‘Carmilla’.

The film is an atmospheric, coming-of-age love story steeped in eerie mystery; a reimagining of Sheridan La Fanu’s 19th-century novella of the same name. 15-year-old Lara (Hannah Rae) lives with her father (Greg Wise) and her strict governess, Miss Fontaine (Jessica Raine), in total isolation and is struggling to find an outlet for her curiosity and burgeoning sexuality. When a carriage crash nearby brings a young girl into the family home to recuperate, Lara is enchanted by the eponymous Carmilla (Devrim Lingnau).

Emily Harris makes her solo directorial debut, newcomers Hannah Rae and Devrim Lingnau star alongside Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife), Tobias Menzies (The Crown) and Greg Wise (The Crown).

The Victoria and Albert Museum, where writer-director Emily Harris is a Curator of the Theatre and Performance Department, will host a London Premiere screening on 24th March 2020.

A Regional Premiere will take place at the Depot Cinema, Lewes on 31st March 2020. The film was shot on location in and around Lewes and Plumpton, East Sussex.

The film hits cinemas release April 3rd.


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“Casino Royale” HD Screencaps

I’m sorry it’s been a bit since I posted last, but getting Tobias’ television work capped up is proving to be a bit of a task. I thought I’d post this in hopes it whets your appetite. In CASINO ROYALE, Tobias played the beleaguered Villiers to Dame Judi Dench’s “M”. Not only that poor Villiers had to view a dead body in Solange (Caterina Murino) as James Bond (Daniel Craig) pursued a would-be bomber. All of Tobias’ scenes are with Dame Judi. I’ve also included the opening credits with the song “You Know My Name” written and sung by the late Chris Cornell. The reason for the inclusion is due to Tobias’ name being in the opening credits.


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Trailer For Tobias’ film “Carmilla”

This is the trailer from Tobias’ new film CARMILLA. Looks like Tobias is back into period costume. He looks fantastic as usual and this film looks amazing. I’m including a few screencaps from the trailer as his bits go by a little quickly. Please enjoy.

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Hello & Welcome To Tobias Menzies Online …. Or Late To The Party

Hello and welcome to TOBIAS MENZIES ONLINE a fansite dedicated to the talented actor and activist TOBIAS MENZIES best known for his roles as Edmure Tully on GAME OF THRONES, Frank Randall and Captain Black Jack Randall on the history hopping series OUTLANDER, Captain James Fitzjames in THE TERROR, Marcus Junius Brutus on ROME, Nathaniel Bloom in THE HONOURABLE WOMAN, Geoffrey Dromgoole in THE NIGHT MANAGER and currently being seen as Prince Philip on THE CROWN. The aim of this webiste is to provide the most up-to-date information on Tobias’ career, public appearances, and other things related to his public life.

It is to my shame I didn’t put this site up sooner after first discovering Tobias as Villiers in CASINO ROYALE, and again discovering him as Edmure Tully on HBO’s GAME OF THRONES. However, he came full stop to my attention in the dual roles of Frank Randall and Captain Jonathan Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall on the STARZ show OUTLANDER along with his co-star Sam Heughan, however, there is a sizable site already dedicated to Sam and I didn’t want to step on toes. It was to my shock there were no sites dedicated to Tobias. So this site is it. Please come back often to check out the various things I will be getting up on the site. Which brings me to the fact there’s nothing much up as you can see. I’m hoping to take you along as this site grows. So please keep track of the site on our Twitter account at Tobias Menzies Online On Twitter for any notifications and updates.