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Tobias Blog | “You Owe Me A Debt.”

There is one thing that has always stumped me about the finale of OUTLANDER‘s season one episode To Ransom A Man’s Soul, the second half of episode fifteen’s Wentworth Prison. That question is why did Black Jack not take Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) life?

In the above clip from the aforementioned episode Black Jack gets up from beside Jamie and goes over to dress. Jamie is left on the cot broken and devastated after his torture and rape by Black Jack. Jamie musters the words, “You owe me a debt” in his pain as Jack closes his eyes. He then turns to Jamie pulling his knife and is about to go toward Jamie with the intent, but is then drawn away by the sounds outside. As Black Jack leaves the cell Jamie pleads with him to do it. What I want to know is why Jack didn’t do it? Why didn’t he do what he’d promised in the previous episode Wentworth Prison to do? Further why did close his eyes when he heard Jamie’s voice?

I’m left to wonder if Jack fully intended to do it or whether he was going to let Jamie go, or possibly move him to another place where he could keep him? These are the questions I’d love to have answered and more as I keep thinking why both the books and the series didn’t give Tobias more to do?

In any series there are a set “cast” as it were. That thing that tells us who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, and the events that surround them. There was clearly more they could have done with Tobias. I would have loved to have seen them have Jack abscond with Jamie and for Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), Rupert (Grant O’Roarke), Angus (Stpehen Walters), and Willie (Finn Den Hertog) have to go in search of him and for there to be more between Jamie and Black Jack. I’m not sure what happens in the books (as I do not plan to read them) and if someone can elaborate on Jack’s use in the second book A Dragonfly in Amber. If his presence is just as limited as is in season two, or does he play a larger role. But it was sad how little Tobias was used and certainly the chemistry between Sam and Tobias was palpable. Why not capitalize on that chemistry by having them interact more. The next time they see each other is in season two’s Untimely Resurrection.

It seems to me Diana Gabaldon and Ron D. Moore had no idea what to do with Jack and Jamie post torture/rape. The drive was to get to Culloden and nothing more. In the episode The Hail Mary where we see Jack again, he only interacts with Claire, Murtagh, Mary (Rosie Day), and Alex (Laurence Dobiesz). If that had been me writing it I would have had Jack request to see Jamie before he would tell of the movements of Cumberland’s forces. This was a missed opportunity I think. It just seems to me it was all about Claire and only Claire. Missing out on this opportunity to pair Tobias and Sam together throughout the show was a mistake.

Your thoughts?