Welcome to TOBIAS MENZIES ONLINE @ tobiasmenzies.org a website dedicated to Emmy Award Winning British actor Tobias Menzies. Perhaps best known for his roles as Edmure Tully in GAME OF THRONES and as Marcus Junius Brutus in HBO's ROME, Tobias came to the fore in a very notable way with his stunning portrayal of the dual characters of Frank Randall and his forefather the notorious Captain Jonathan Wolverton "Black Jack" Randall in the STARZ series OUTLANDER. Currently being seen as Prince Philip in THE CROWN, Tobias is making his mark on the world. Tobias' films include UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS, CASINO ROYALE, UNA, FORGET ME NOT, ATONEMENT, and FINDING NEVERLAND. Feel free to browse the site and to make this your premiere source for news on Tobias' career. This site as a strict NO CANDIDS policy.
Tobias Menzies Gold Derby Chat
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Tobias Menzies Gold Derby Chat

Here is the full Gold Derby chat with Tobias. Honestly it wasn’t long enough and I could listen to Tobias talk about his craft and the inner motivation of his characters all day long and not get tired. Here though he talks mainly about Prince Philip in THE CROWN and what he finds interesting to play about the enigma. In the last moment of the discussion they talk about the lasting impression Tobias has made with his amazing portrayal of Black Jack Randall on OUTLANDER and the meaning of the finale of season one with Black Jack’s rape and torture of Jamie Fraser played by Sam Heughan. I loved this part. While I can say I don’t care for Prince Philip due to his various comments in the past and his questionable conduct, I love when Tobias talks of Black Jack. I just loved what he said about “picking” that lock that was Jamie’s fortress as he mentioned in season two’s La Dame Blanche. I wish sometimes the show wasn’t so quick to do away with Black Jack. I feel the show lost a lot of momentum when he was gone. No other villain has come close to capturing that level of menace that Jack presented in the show. Neither Ed Speleers (Stephen Bonnet) nor the Browns have done that. Tobias set a high bar that has as yet been matched.

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2 Comments on “Tobias Menzies Gold Derby Chat

  1. As someone who is an actor myself and worked with many actors on Tobiases level, I am amazed how down to earth he is. I also think that he is without a doubt one of the best actors we have on a par with the greats which we will realize in time. I also love hearing how he dissects the characters he is playing which gives you insight on how he works.

    1. Judi:

      First of all thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I completely agree with what you said. That in the same year he could play Frank Randall, then Edmure Tully, then Black Jack Randall all without fail shows his expertise. If you read my tribute to him here you’ll see I didn’t think much of him as Edmure or Villiers all because he played them so much of a milquetoast. Come OUTLANDER and there he is playing not one, but two roles and each different from the other. Though in season one we do see a hint of Black Jack in Frank, Tobias knows when to pull it back. That takes skill. And yes on his mindset when acting. That is why I created this site. I wanted to honour his work and the man.

      Again thanks for stopping by. Take care.


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